Application Form - KOKPIT-EXPAT

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Passport number (required if you're not a Turkish citizen)
Last/current company
Last/current position
Current aircraft type
Start of employment on your last position
End of employment on your last position (leave blank if still working)
Flight education
School department
Military forces
Military aircraft type
Military flight time
Start date
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Availabilty date (notice period)
ICAO Level
Flight licence number
Please upload a copy of your flight licence
Type ratings
Country of issuance of your flight licence
First issue date of your flight licence
Flight licence valid until
Limitations on your flight licence
Total flying time in your carreer
Flying hours by type (if B737, please mark EFIS or NG, for A320, please mark A319 or 321, for GV, please mark G450 or G550)
Please upload the last two pages of your flight log
Training qualifications on applied aircraft type
Please upload your medical certificate
Are there any restrictions/limitations on your current medical certificate (e.g. glasses or contact lenses etc.).
Has any medical certificate issued to you in association with any flying license ever been suspended or revoked (following symptoms are not acceptable or need to provide details for further investigations. Head internal operation, heart operation, serious surgical operation, transplant operation, hypertension, glucosuria, color blind, glaucoma,gall-stone, kidney stone, etc.)
Have you ever been denied a medical certificate
Have you been involved in any aircraft accidents, incidents or ATC violations?